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An Overlooked Photographer Website Promotion Tool

Posted By Admin: 6/8/2011 1:06:09 PM
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If you have any sort of photo web site - whether it's your own photographer website or simple a presence
on some other sites - then chances are you already have all the
ingredients on hand to take advantage of one of the most overlooked
and most powerful web marketing tools.

RSS Feeds are pure gold for anyone
trying to promote a website and they are particularly useful for
photographers. The best past of it is, most people don't understand
them, so it's a great way to stand out from the crowd.

RSS Feeds 101

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is
system used to automatically publish updated content on the web in a
format (a new Feed) that makes it easy for other websites to
republish the content for their own readers.

Interested visitors can 'subscribe' to
the Feed and read it in an RSS Reader or an 'Aggregator' .
Aggregators can be web based, desktop software or even mobile based,
and allow the user to follow feeds from multiple websites in one
easy location.

So rather than visiting a dozen
different websites to see 'what's new', the visitor can simply
open their newsreader and have the updates come to them.

RSS Feeds As A Marketing Tool

RSS Feeds offer multiple benefits for
website owners. First of all, it's becoming a very popular way for
people to keep up to date with changes on their favourite blogs and
websites, so it's an important news option to offer your website

Where it comes into it's own is for SEO
(Search Engine Optimization), in particular, for getting new content
listed in the major search engines and generating backlinks.

RSS feeds are written to a format that
is search-engine-friendly, so once Google, Yahoo etc 'find' your RSS
feed, they'll come back regularly to look for updates and add new
content to their index. And since so many webmasters don't understand
RSS, this is easily the fastest way I know to get new web content

It gets even better though:

You can also submit your RSS Feeds to
hundreds of Aggregator sites across the internet and they will list
your feed, it's description and a link back to your website. So if
you have multiple feeds, you can generate hundreds of high PR (Google
PageRank) backlinks with a single submission.

If you're new to
SEO, don't let that intimidate you. There's just two things to
understand ...

The more sites
link to you, the more important the search engines will think you are
and the higher they'll rank you in the results. And if those links
come from sites that the search engines already consider 'important',
you'll do even better.

And the good news
is, the aggregator sites usually have pretty good PageRank!

Putting RSS Feeds To Work

The first thing you need to do is make
a list of the feeds you already have, and most people usually have a
whole lot more than they realise.

If you have a blog, you can simply
click on the RSS Icon and copy the URL from the page that opens.

If you have your own website you
probably have 'something' built-in, just look for the orange &
white logo! If not ask your webmaster or look for RSS options in
your documentation.

If you have a presence on a
photography portal, look for links to news needs, rss feeds, live
updates, recent photos etc. Most will offer at least one or two.

Here's a step-by-step to show you how
to find the RSS feed on any website or blog

GlobalEye photographers will find
a full list of their GlobalEye/OzImages newsfeeds in their
Marketing Center.

Copy each of the URLs into a plain text
file - Notepad or SimpleText - one to a line. Then go and have a
look at any social media accounts you might have. Here are a few to
give you the general idea ...

Facebook. Look for the
Subscribe Via RSS link, bottom left hand margin.

has removed the RSS icon from your pages, but you can still view(and
submit your feed using the link below ... remember to change the
globaleyeimages account name for your own:

Flickr: Open your
PhotoStream & look for the link at the bottom left of the page.

YouTube: Use the link
format below changing the username to your own.

You'll usually find a feed of some sort
for ANY social media or blog account you have, so it really is worth
taking some time to find them all and make a list before you go any

As a guide, we
currently promote 37 feeds for GlobalEye and 32 for OzImages and
we submit those 2-3 times a year to a list of over 100 aggregator

That's 69 x 100 links! Are you starting
to see the power of this approach?

So we'll leave it there for now and let
you go gather your newsfeeds. Next time we'll show you a few options for
submitting them quickly and easily for maximum benefit so don't put it off.


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