Temples of ancient Egypt


Visiting the ancient temples scattered through the Nile Valley is a dream. Mine came true in 2008 when I travelled with my husband from Cairo to Aswan and further on to the Sudanese border. The great Luxor and Karnak temples are the tourists' blockbusters. But there are others like the Temple of Isis on a beautiful island of Agilkia or the one in Kom Ombo on the river bank that used to be infested with crocodiles and the Temple of Abu Simbel in the south of the country.


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Temples of ancient Egypt

The Great Temple of Abu Simbel dates back to the thirteenth century BC. It was built to honour Pharaoh Ramses II, and to impress and frighten his enemies. In time this awe inspiring structure succumbed to the desert sands and laid buried until 1813.

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