Western Australian Seahorses


West Australian Seahorse, Hippocampus subelongatus / angustus these Seahorses look very much like chess pieces. There are around a dozen different seahorse found in Australian but the Western Australian seahorse as the name suggests is only found in WA.. The species colour varies from white, yellow, orange, pink, brown or anywhere in between as they are able to slowly change colour and can reach up to 22cm long. The Western Australian seahorse is found in depths of around 10m in sheltered reefs, seagrass areas and in this case an old Jetty. It is also common in Perth's Swan River, this is not well known amongst the general public which actually helps in there continued good numbers and ultimate protection.


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Western Australian Seahorses

Pregnant Seahorse in coral. West Australian Seahorse, Hippocampus subelongatus, taken during a night scuba dive at a disused bulk jetty south of Perth, male Seahorse hiding in the coral ready to release the young from it's pouch

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