Carnarvon Gorge National Park


Carnarvon Gorge National Park situated in the rugged Central Queensland highland Ranges 720 km north-west of Brisbane. This is a selection of images of the Mickeys Creek Gorge and Wards Canyon area within the National Park featuring Lush Greenery, Towering Sandstone Cliffs,WaterFalls and Narrow Chasm's home to the isolated colony of the rare King Ferns (Angiopteris evecta). Carnarvon Gorge is known as (The Roof of Queensland) it is a Photographers Paradise and a bush walkers dream.


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Carnarvon Gorge National Park

Carnarvon Creek.Palmed lined Carnavon Creek surrounded by Sandstone cliffs, Carnarvon Gorge National park. There is a different vista around each bend along the trail leading along the shale floor of the gorge.

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