Klaipeda Port, Lithuania


The city of Klaipėda has been involved in maritime trade since as early as the 13th century, and probably during prehistoric times, since it is located on the Amber Road. For several centuries its administration and its merchants defended the port and competed with the Port of Danzig and the Port of Königsberg. It was heavily fortified. At the beginning of the 19th century the port was transferred to the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Lithuania. Before World War I


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Klaipeda Port, Lithuania

Two barefoot, female friends walking along a wall.. In 1991, after Lithuanian independence was declared, the KlaipÄ—da State Seaport Authority was founded. It administers the port and supports its integration into the larger scheme of Lithuanian transport. The Port Authority is responsible for the maintenance, reconstruction and modernisation of the port infrastructure, while loading and unloading operations are managed by separate independent terminals. The port's land and infrastructure b

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