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Gold Coast, Australia

Stock Photography By Christina Jablonski

The images here intend to show the elements of architecture in sync with a setting of this city by the ocean. In recent times some eye-catching structures have been built or completed in Surfers Paradise; a series of latest boutiques and fashion stores mushroomed in many places; beach facilities have been greatly improved or redesigned; trees, shrubs and flowers planted where possible for the enjoyment of the local and international tourists.

Fjordland National Park, New
© Christina Jablonski
A skylight, Gold Coast,
© Christina Jablonski
Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast,
© Christina Jablonski
Q1 building, Gold Coast,
© Christina Jablonski
Structural elements, Gold
© Christina Jablonski
A view of Surfers Paradise,
© Christina Jablonski
New Surfers Paradise, Australia
© Christina Jablonski
The beach, Gold Coast,
© Christina Jablonski
Skyscrapers, Gold Coast,
© Christina Jablonski
Yucca, Queensland, Australia
© Christina Jablonski
On the beach, Burleigh Heads,
© Christina Jablonski
Rocks on the ocean shores,
© Christina Jablonski
Seagull, Burleigh Heads,
© Christina Jablonski
The Spit, Gold Coast, Australia
© Christina Jablonski
Sand Pumping Jetty, Gold Coast,
© Christina Jablonski
Sand Pumping Jetty, Gold Coast,
© Christina Jablonski
Banksia aemula, The Spit, Gold
© Christina Jablonski
New Gold Coast, Australia
© Christina Jablonski
Window reflections, Broadbeach,
© Christina Jablonski
Sir Bruce Small, Gold Coast,
© Christina Jablonski
The Wave, Gold Coast, Australia
© Christina Jablonski
Sky bridge, Broadbeach,
© Christina Jablonski
A wall, Broadbeach, Australia
© Christina Jablonski
Decorative building design,
© Christina Jablonski
Marina Mirage, Gold Coast,
© Christina Jablonski


Photo Captions for Gold Coast, Australia

Image #1. Fjordland National Park, New Zealand Milford Sound, a photo taken from the back of the ship

Image #2. A skylight, Gold Coast, Australia The idea was to brighten the passage between two buildings but sometimes the eyes wander to what is visible beyond.

Image #3. Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Australia Standing on the bank of the Nerang River, the photogapher watched the pearl coloured clouds. The buildings opposite nestled into the space between the water and the sky, sometimes mellow in the afternoon sun, sometimes cold and grey as their glass and steel.

Image #4. Q1 building, Gold Coast, Australia At the time of writing this, Q1 is the tallest building in the southern hemisphere. Its pale ocean green structure is in harmony with its environment. Close to the base is the canopy with aluminium clad ribbons that protect the shops and cafes at the ground level.

Image #5. Structural elements, Gold Coast, Australia The sunlight appears between the sails of Marina Mirage. A bird found a comfortable spot on the top of a supporting post to build its nest.

Image #6. A view of Surfers Paradise, Queensland This photo was taken from the beach near the rocky headland, the Point, Burleigh Heads.

Image #7. New Surfers Paradise, Australia A corner of a newly built hotel is pictured here with a palm tree and some circular decorative elements.

Image #8. The beach, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia Such red and yellow flags dot the Gold Coast beaches to mark the patrolled areas which are safe for swimming.

Image #9. Skyscrapers, Gold Coast, Australia The straight and curved lines of the two buildings provide a pleasing sight.

Image #10. Yucca, Queensland, Australia This plant grows on the stony shores of Burleigh Heads reserve. The clusters of bell shaped flowers seem so fragile against the dark green spiky leaves of the plant.

Image #11. On the beach, Burleigh Heads, Queensland, Australia On a summer morning just before Christmas people settled on the beach with their colourful parasols. The mist rose from the ocean and softened the blue of the sky. The gentle waves were enjoyed by swimmers but brought no thrills to those with the surfing boards.

Image #12. Rocks on the ocean shores, Gold Coast, Australia This photo was taken in the Burleigh Ridge Park, a great place for outdoor activities.

Image #13. Seagull, Burleigh Heads, Australia A seagull rests on the grass, undisturbed by the clicking of a camera. Then, it takes off and rides the air currents into the blue space above the water.

Image #14. The Spit, Gold Coast, Australia Sometimes the ocean is quiet, sometimes sprays of water jump high only to disintegrate as they reach the sand.

Image #15. Sand Pumping Jetty, Gold Coast, Australia This photo was taken late in the morning when the sun lit up the space between the two rows of the white-grey pylons.

Image #16. Sand Pumping Jetty, Gold Coast, Australia This jetty is a popular fishing spot as it extends a few hundred metres into the ocean. The beach is frequented by people who enjoy swimming, surfing and walking their dogs.

Image #17. Banksia aemula, The Spit, Gold Coast, Australia This young plant has been spotted growing in the coastal reserve near the Spit. Its green-yellow cylindrical flowers are honey scented and provide food for insects, birds and small mammals.

Image #18. New Gold Coast, Australia In recent years the heart of Surfers Paradise has been going through some major changes. Many of the old buildings have been demolished or upgraded, and the new ones erected - modern, functional and changing the face of the city.

Image #19. Window reflections, Broadbeach, Gold Coast, Australia The photo is of one of the new high rises reflecting in the glass windows of another building.

Image #20. Sir Bruce Small, Gold Coast, Australia A bronze statue of the former Gold Coast Mayor stands in the heart of the Surfers Paradise. It was sculptured by Mark Andrews.

Image #21. The Wave, Gold Coast, Australia The interesting features of this high rise apartment building in the heart of Broadbeach are the balconies in the shape of flowing waves.

Image #22. Sky bridge, Broadbeach, Australia This bridge allows the easy passage from the Jupiter Casino to the Convention Centre in Broadbeach, the Gold Coast suburb.

Image #23. A wall, Broadbeach, Australia This chocolate coloured structure is a segment of the wall of a newly completed building in Broadbeach, the Gold Coast suburb.

Image #24. Decorative building design, Gold Coast A series of green ribs decorate a corner of another new building in Broadbeach. Sculptured forms and interesting colours add to a modern look of that structure.

Image #25. Marina Mirage, Gold Coast, Australia This elegant shopping centre has recently been redesign. Its modern architecture allows those visiting to feel a sense of space, light and luxury. The sails (photographed here) are one of its well known features.


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