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Stock Photography By Milos Lekovic

A selection of Boxing images from various Australian Venues. Includes, Professional Boxers as well as Amateur Boxers.

Round 8
© Milos Lekovic
Classic Upper Cut 1
© Milos Lekovic
Boxing Heraldry
© Milos Lekovic
© Milos Lekovic
Old School Boxing
© Milos Lekovic
Classic Uppercut 4
© Milos Lekovic
Lightning Strike
© Milos Lekovic
Eye on the Prize
© Milos Lekovic
Making Weight
© Milos Lekovic
Classic Upper Cut 3
© Milos Lekovic
© Milos Lekovic
Working Hard
© Milos Lekovic
Daniel Geale
© Milos Lekovic
Pure Power
© Milos Lekovic
Toe To Toe
© Milos Lekovic
Boxing Glove
© Milos Lekovic
Against the Ropes
© Milos Lekovic
Brain Spray 3
© Milos Lekovic
Shadow Boxer
© Milos Lekovic
Look Into the Camera
© Milos Lekovic
© Milos Lekovic
Brain Spray 1
© Milos Lekovic
Stare Down
© Milos Lekovic
Classic Uppercut 2
© Milos Lekovic
The Cornerman
© Milos Lekovic
On the Canvas
© Milos Lekovic
Free Nose Job
© Milos Lekovic
Pebbles Warhammer
© Milos Lekovic
Jai Opetaia
© Milos Lekovic


Photo Captions for Boxing

Image #1. Round 8 Not Just Blood and Sweat, the ring girls bring beauty to the ring.

Image #2. Classic Upper Cut 1 Fine art print of Ryan Waters and Opetai Tagi caught in a toe to toe battle as Ryan catches his opopnent with a classic upper cut.

Image #3. Boxing Heraldry One of the more colourful characters of the ring, Hussy, shows his ink.

Image #4. Cut Cuts above the eye are common in combat sports, this is a shot of Nader Hamdan with deep wound above his right eye, sustained during his bout with Junior Talipeau.

Image #5. Old School Boxing Sam Ah-See, stands in the corner with his trainer, steely determination waiting for the bell to ring.

Image #6. Classic Uppercut 4 Daniel Geale delivers an uppercut under his opponents chin.

Image #7. Lightning Strike Ryan Waters warms up in this motion action shot, using super slow shutter and flash highlights the grace and form of a good right cross.

Image #8. Eye on the Prize Anthony Mundine, eye cut and bloodied, surveys his opponent looking for that opening that will allow him to deliver the killer blow.

Image #9. Making Weight Anthony Mundine celebrates after making weight for his Junior Middleweight Bout with Ryan Waters.

Image #10. Classic Upper Cut 3 Sam Soliman delivers an awesome uppercut in this Fine Art image taken at the Hombush State Sports Centre

Image #11. Warriors Kurt Bahram sports a broken nose and bloodied face but continues to battle on against Australian Champion Johannes Mwetupunga

Image #12. Working Hard Brian Wilmott, working hard on reducing swelling around Ryan Waters' eye, in Ryans epic battle against Anthony Mundine.

Image #13. Daniel Geale Daniel Geale stops mid shoot to have a photo taken with his daughter

Image #14. Pure Power Daniel Geale unleashes a deadly right to his Opponent Osumanu Adama

Image #15. Toe To Toe Zac Awad and Junior Talipeau go toe to toe in the smokey confines of the state sports centre.

Image #16. Boxing Glove Old School Boxing glove

Image #17. Against the Ropes An exhausted Carl Webb is encouraged by the referee to return to the melee.

Image #18. Brain Spray 3 Viktor Chernous lands a brutal right hook to the temple of James Giltrow.

Image #19. Shadow Boxer Ryan Waters warms up before his bout with Anthony Mundine.

Image #20. Look Into the Camera The referee seemingly directs Garth Wood towards my camera, in fact he was ushering Garth to the Neutral Corner to be checked by the doctor.

Image #21. Seconds Seconds, Cornerman, Strapper and Cutman are some of the names the unsung heroes of the corner go by. Brian Wilmot is one of the best. Shot Brian wrapping the hands of Ryan Waters

Image #22. Brain Spray 1 Garth Wood lands a devastating right cross on Kariz Kariuki.

Image #23. Stare Down Junior Talipeau stares down at Nader Hamden after knocking him to the ground

Image #24. Classic Uppercut 2 Ryan Waters delivers a classic uppercut on Pradeep Singh's chin, causing a splash of blood and saliva to explode from Pradeeps open mouth.

Image #25. The Cornerman Timely break as the cornerman works to ready his fighter for the next round.

Image #26. On the Canvas Overhead camera shot of Sam Ah-See knocking his opponent Mike Wanpresert to the ground.

Image #27. Free Nose Job Champion Trainer David Birchall must ahve the best collection of boxing t-shirts, this one is a classic "Free Nose Job" just ask dave for one.

Image #28. Pebbles Warhammer Anja Stridsman champion amateur boxer also goes by the name Pebbles Warhammer. This B&W image was taken at Boxingworks Gym where Anja trains.

Image #29. Jai Opetaia Jai Opetaia is a Samoan Australian amateur boxer who won the Light Heavyweight title at the 2011 Junior World Championships then qualified for the 2012 Olympics as a Heavyweight at the age of 16, making him the youngest ever Australian Olympic boxer. Jai Posing for a photo shoot for the cover of Cornerman Magazine


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