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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Stock Photography By Christina Jablonski

The old Bastakia and Deira, the Dubai Creek with its many dhows bringing cargo from Iran, India, China or Sri Lanka to the port and docks, the traditional souks and shopping malls on steroids, glass and steel sky-scrapers that speak of the future and myriads of leisure activities make Dubai a very interesting travel destination.

A traditional dhow, Dubai
© Christina Jablonski
Bastakia quarter, Dubai, UAE
© Christina Jablonski
An abra, Dubai, UAE
© Christina Jablonski
Atlantis, The Palm Hotel,
© Christina Jablonski
A sculpture, Atlantis Hotel,
© Christina Jablonski
The Lost Chambers Aquarium,
© Christina Jablonski
The Lost Chambers Aquarium,
© Christina Jablonski
Dubai Museum, Al-Fahidi Fort,
© Christina Jablonski
Dubai Museum, UAE
© Christina Jablonski
A wall of Dubai, UAE
© Christina Jablonski
Arabian Hotel, Dubai, UAE
© Christina Jablonski
Islamic architecture, Dubai,
© Christina Jablonski
Dhow wharfs, Deira, Dubai, UAE
© Christina Jablonski
The Etisalat Tower, Dubai, UAE
© Christina Jablonski
Deira souks, Dubai, UAE
© Christina Jablonski
Dubai Creek Tower, UAE
© Christina Jablonski
Textile Souk, Dubai, UAE
© Christina Jablonski
A cargo dhow, Dubai, UAE
© Christina Jablonski
Modern building, Dubai, UAE
© Christina Jablonski
Deira, Dubai, UAE
© Christina Jablonski
Heritage House, Dubai, UAE
© Christina Jablonski
Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE
© Christina Jablonski
Downtown Dubai, UAE
© Christina Jablonski
Mall of the Emirates, Dubai,
© Christina Jablonski


Photo Captions for Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Image #1. A traditional dhow, Dubai Museum, UAE A vessel stands in the open air in the Dubai Museum and above its modern part. The dhows like the one here are long hull boats used to transport produce to the markets or various equipment depending on their size.

Image #2. Bastakia quarter, Dubai, UAE Bastakia is the only remaining historic district in Dubai. The houses were built about a century ago by the Iranian merchants. The pictured here is the Bur Dubai abra pier; the house of the right has the traditional wind towers. Their purpose is to catch the breeze and direct it to the rooms.

Image #3. An abra, Dubai, UAE A little motorised boat has just started pulling away from its Bastakia moorings. There are a few crossing points where one can catch an abra to travel to Deira, the other side of the Creek and visit the souks.

Image #4. Atlantis, The Palm Hotel, Dubai, UAE The pictured is one of the hotel's swimming pools with the Dubai high rises in the background.

Image #5. A sculpture, Atlantis Hotel, Dubai, UAE A giant Murano (Italy) glass sculpture is made of an entangled mass of colourful glass snakes, and it adds to a feeling of excessive opulence to one of the halls.

Image #6. The Lost Chambers Aquarium, Dubai,UAE The ruins of the ancient city of Atlantis deep under water, thousands of marine animals and a walk along the mysterious tunnels and corridors decorated with some imaginative sculptures make a visit to the aquarium worthwhile.

Image #7. The Lost Chambers Aquarium, Dubai, UAE The pictured is one of the smaller fish tanks at the Aquarium.

Image #8. Dubai Museum, Al-Fahidi Fort, UAE The boats like the pictured one had been used to carry people and their merchandise across the Dubai Creek.

Image #9. Dubai Museum, UAE A view of the city walls replica from the rear of the Dubai Museum.

Image #10. A wall of Dubai, UAE The pictured is a replica of the old city walls built at the turn of the nineteenth century. In the past Dubai had two walls, one in Bur Dubai and the other in the Deira district.

Image #11. Arabian Hotel, Dubai, UAE Arabian Courtyard Hotel and Spa pictured here is located opposite the Dubai Museum and in the heart of the historic district Al Bastakiya with the bazaars and markets.

Image #12. Islamic architecture, Dubai, UAE The pictured building is occupied by the Ja Afariya Endowment Charitable Council of Dubai.

Image #13. Dhow wharfs, Deira, Dubai, UAE The pictured is a large collection of colourful dhows and abras standing in the wharfs of Deira.

Image #14. The Etisalat Tower, Dubai, UAE This radio and telecommunication headquarters building with the golf ball on the top is one of the famous landmarks of Dubai. It was designed 1986 by Arthur Erickson, Canadian architect.

Image #15. Deira souks, Dubai, UAE Such roofed lanes are lined with gold and silver jewellery shops. In other places one can buy watches, spices, silks, carpets, electronic equipment, clothing and souvenirs. Here and there are small cafes and eateries.

Image #16. Dubai Creek Tower, UAE The tower (left) is located in the business district not far from Etisalat building and opposite the National Bank of Dubai (right).

Image #17. Textile Souk, Dubai, UAE Shopping at the textile souks or markets is quite an experience. The shops open early and offer a great variety of colourful fabrics and other wares.

Image #18. A cargo dhow, Dubai, UAE One of the large dhows has just left the harbour at Deira.

Image #19. Modern building, Dubai, UAE One of the twin buildings is located in downtown Dubai and near the tallest structure in the world, Burj Khalifa.

Image #20. Deira, Dubai, UAE The pictured is a Deira side of the Creek where a few big hotels stand. This is also a commercial centre of the old Dubai.

Image #21. Heritage House, Dubai, UAE Built in 1890 the house belonged to Sheikh Ahmed bin Dalmouk, a wealthy pearl merchant. He was also a founder of a n exclusive school next door. Shown here is the central courtyard of the house enclose by the many rooms.

Image #22. Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE The tallest building in the world is located in the heart of the city and was completed in 2010. Burj Khalifa is considered a must for those who visit Dubai.

Image #23. Downtown Dubai, UAE The pictured new buildings in Arabic style are situated on the shores of the man made lake and overlook the Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa.

Image #24. Mall of the Emirates, Dubai, UAE


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