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Destination Norway

Stock Photography By Christina Jablonski

Norway is a country stretching the length of the western edge of Scandinavia from the North Cape to the southern city of Kristiansand and its capital Oslo. With the mountains and forest, fjords and lakes, cities and small towns with the old wooden buildings and rich historic sites, Norway is a great country to visit. Mountaineering, skiing, scenic tours by various modes of transport, pleasant atmosphere of the cities are the promise of an enjoyable holiday.

Northern landscape, Norway
© Christina Jablonski
Autumn berries, Norway
© Christina Jablonski
Raindeer, Sami territories,
© Christina Jablonski
A streetscape, Trondheim,
© Christina Jablonski
The Nidaros Cathedral,
© Christina Jablonski
The Nidelva River, Trondheim,
© Christina Jablonski
Bryggen, Trondheim, Norway
© Christina Jablonski
Sculpture, North Cape, Norway
© Christina Jablonski
On the edge of a fjord, Norway
© Christina Jablonski
Santa Claus Office, Arctic
© Christina Jablonski
Fjord in Alta, Norway
© Christina Jablonski
Honningsvag, Norway
© Christina Jablonski
The North Cape, Norway
© Christina Jablonski
Honningsvag port, Norway
© Christina Jablonski


Photo Captions for Destination Norway

Image #1. Northern landscape, Norway Two old fishing are pulled onto the shore of the fjord or a small lake

Image #2. Autumn berries, Norway Red whorthleberries like this grow wild by the roads and in the forest of Norway. They are the ingredients of some whines and spirits.

Image #3. Raindeer, Sami territories, Norway The pictured reindeer does not belong to Santa Claus but to a Sami farmer in the subarctic circle.

Image #4. A streetscape, Trondheim, Norway A street of Bakklandet, a suburb of Trondheim that was first settle in the seventeenth century.

Image #5. The Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim, Norway The works on the present structure of the cathedral were officially finished in 2001.

Image #6. The Nidelva River, Trondheim, Norway On the banks of the Nidelva River stand the rows of the nineteenth century warehouses. These days they are not used storing of transported goods but house restaurants, cafes and various other businesses.

Image #7. Bryggen, Trondheim, Norway Bryggen, the eighteenth and nineteenth century riverfront warehouses in Trondheim

Image #8. Sculpture, North Cape, Norway This statue of a woman and a boy is a part of a large composition on the North Cape.

Image #9. On the edge of a fjord, Norway A stony shore of a fjord in the northern part of Norway.

Image #10. Santa Claus Office, Arctic Circle, Norway It was only September but the Santa's Office was busy dealing with the small groups of tourists. The imposing bearded man himself was in residence. He wore his red suit, talked to the children and adults, and smiled when they wished to have their photographs taken with him.

Image #11. Fjord in Alta, Norway A view of the fjord from the site of the Rock Carvings Museum in the small Norwegian town of Alta.

Image #12. Honningsvag, Norway This small northern town is pretty with its fishing boats in the harbour and colourful houses nestling at the foot of the barren hills. From there a road leads through a bleak countryside to the North Cape. On the slopes reindeers graze undisturbed.

Image #13. The North Cape, Norway The Cape is the northern tip of European mainland only about two thousand kilometres from the North Pole. Even on the wintry cloudy afternoon the view from its rocky cliffs have spiritual qualities and are a great tourist attraction.

Image #14. Honningsvag port, Norway There are boats of all sizes in the harbour. These days more often the luxury ships arrive, bringing tourists to that remote area.


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