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Stock Photography By Howard Birnstihl

Architecture is a concrete, tangible history of modern man. It reflects the style of the times. Of course in personality of the designer is manifest but you can learn volumes from the juxtaposition of high-rise flats and the slums of Fitzroy, or the decorative facade of a boom house up on the hill. Minimalism reflects an extreme from which we constantly rebound, either into fanciful and ingenious combinations of past styles or energetic and innovative interpretations of new materials. From t

Shell building Melbourne
© Howard Birnstihl
Melbourne skyline hazy
© Howard Birnstihl
City worm's eye view
© Howard Birnstihl
Victorian house front
© Howard Birnstihl
St Patricks Cathedral interior
© Howard Birnstihl
St Patricks Cathedral Melbourne
© Howard Birnstihl
Three ages of Melbourne
© Howard Birnstihl
Slums and highrise flats
© Howard Birnstihl
Flinders St Station at night
© Howard Birnstihl
Joseph Reed
© Howard Birnstihl
Light show
© Howard Birnstihl
City at night
© Howard Birnstihl
Melbourne Art centre
© Howard Birnstihl
Cast iron with rainbow in
© Howard Birnstihl
Swing bridge at Lorne
© Howard Birnstihl
St. Patrick's Cathedral in
© Howard Birnstihl
St. Patrick's Cathedral
© Howard Birnstihl
Ormond College at night
© Howard Birnstihl
Old prefab building
© Howard Birnstihl
Federation house
© Howard Birnstihl
Victorian house in central
© Howard Birnstihl
Church window in autumn
© Howard Birnstihl
Sydney PO Tower in lightning
© Howard Birnstihl
Man walking through arcade
© Howard Birnstihl
Trestle bridge
© Howard Birnstihl
Ivy tower
© Howard Birnstihl
English house of the middle
© Howard Birnstihl
English thatched cottage
© Howard Birnstihl
Orchestra in Dallas Brookes
© Howard Birnstihl
Ivied wall with window
© Howard Birnstihl
Cook's Cottage
© Howard Birnstihl
Independant church Melbourne
© Howard Birnstihl
Gothic Cathedral Melbourne
© Howard Birnstihl
baptist church Tasmania
© Howard Birnstihl


Photo Captions for architecture

Image #1. Shell building Melbourne Worms eye view of the Melbourne Shell Building

Image #2. Melbourne skyline hazy Melbourne towers in the haze reflected in the Yarra in early morning

Image #3. City worm's eye view Worm's eye view of city concrete tower buildings

Image #4. Victorian house front Highly decorative and sculptural front of Victorian house

Image #5. St Patricks Cathedral interior Melbourne Interior of St Patricks Cathredral Melbourne

Image #6. St Patricks Cathedral Melbourne St Patrick's Cathedral Melbourne with reflection in moat

Image #7. Three ages of Melbourne City view showing varying shapes indicating varying architectural styles through the city's history

Image #8. Slums and highrise flats Inner suburbia with slums in the foreground and highrise flats forming the background

Image #9. Flinders St Station at night Night view of Melbourne's main station with decorative lighting

Image #10. Joseph Reed View of Ormond College at Melbourne University seen through the trees

Image #11. Light show Night view of the Melbourne Arts Centre spire,lazer show and reflections seen across the river

Image #12. City at night Night view of the Melbourne Arts centre spire seen from across Swanston Street

Image #13. Melbourne Art centre Night view of the Melbourne Arts Centre

Image #14. Cast iron with rainbow in background Cast iron verandah in bright sunshine as a rainbow glows in the gloom of a stormy sky

Image #15. Swing bridge at Lorne Swing bridge at Lorne crossing the river between the road and the ocean

Image #16. St. Patrick's Cathedral in autumn View of the cathedral through the autumn leaves

Image #17. St. Patrick's Cathedral St Patricks's Cathedral in Melbourne is one of the world's most impressive neo gothic churches

Image #18. Ormond College at night Tower of Ormond College at Melbourne University

Image #19. Old prefab building Historic prefabricated corrugated iron building transported to Melbourne from England in the 1800s

Image #20. Federation house Weatherboard Federation house in Tasmania

Image #21. Victorian house in central Victoria Neat symmetrical Victorian house and fence offset against a dark stormy sky

Image #22. Church window in autumn Church window surrounded by coloured leaves

Image #23. Sydney PO Tower in lightning storm Sydney Post Office tower in lightning storm

Image #24. Man walking through arcade Man walking through a long arcaded verandah

Image #25. Trestle bridge Railway trestle bridge at Kilkunda

Image #26. Ivy tower Lone window peers out from its ivy covered wall

Image #27. English house of the middle eighteen hundreds Distinctive house a little reminiscent of the style of John Nash

Image #28. English thatched cottage Typical thatched farmhouse in England

Image #29. Orchestra in Dallas Brookes Hall Orchestra on the stage of the highly decorative Dallas Brookes Hall

Image #30. Ivied wall with window Old classical building covered with ivy with a single open window

Image #31. Cook's Cottage Cook's Cottage in the Fitzroy gardens

Image #32. Independant church Melbourne Interior view of Joseph Reed's Independant church in Melbourne showing the all welcoming feel of the circular meeting place design of the interior, so unexpected from the outside.

Image #33. Gothic Cathedral Melbourne Typical gothic church design, one of the works of William Wardell, St Patricks in Melbourne. Interior.

Image #34. baptist church Tasmania Typical rural wooden baptist church, simple elegant, squat.


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