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Stock Photography By Howard Birnstihl

The world seen in close-up, items seen in isolation or from an unexpected angle. Colour, pattern, form & texture all create an emotional response within the viewer. Symbolic emphasis is most often conveyed through the abstract. Power, friendship, danger, sophistication, beauty, age, faith, time, life, adventure, compassion, freedom, rebirth, work, responsability and more. Man and nature and the effect of one upon the other.

© Howard Birnstihl
Still life with etched crystal
© Howard Birnstihl
Jagged cross
© Howard Birnstihl
Power begets violence
© Howard Birnstihl
Micro chip
© Howard Birnstihl
Crystal nude
© Howard Birnstihl
Old world
© Howard Birnstihl
Neck X-ray
© Howard Birnstihl
Washing on the line
© Howard Birnstihl
Brilliant green ivy
© Howard Birnstihl
Symbol of work
© Howard Birnstihl
The gang's all here
© Howard Birnstihl
Autumn colour
© Howard Birnstihl
© Howard Birnstihl
Better days B
© Howard Birnstihl
Light pattern on curtain.
© Howard Birnstihl
Leaf floating in sudsy water.
© Howard Birnstihl
Gateway to the world
© Howard Birnstihl
Country gate
© Howard Birnstihl
© Howard Birnstihl
A tale of three elephants
© Howard Birnstihl
Mirror balls
© Howard Birnstihl
Droplets on spider's web
© Howard Birnstihl
Diamond python
© Howard Birnstihl
White road arrows
© Howard Birnstihl
Water reflections dramatic.
© Howard Birnstihl
Textured weathered beach rocks.
© Howard Birnstihl
Red paint in gutter.
© Howard Birnstihl
Red and green peppers.
© Howard Birnstihl
Tattered Poster.
© Howard Birnstihl
Silhouette branch.
© Howard Birnstihl
neon signs
© Howard Birnstihl
Brick steps with single
© Howard Birnstihl
Cast iron with rainbow in
© Howard Birnstihl
Cactus backlit
© Howard Birnstihl
Wood pile
© Howard Birnstihl
Wine glass still life
© Howard Birnstihl
Olde world
© Howard Birnstihl
Space age portrait
© Howard Birnstihl
Leaving your mark
© Howard Birnstihl
© Howard Birnstihl
Hand holding compass
© Howard Birnstihl
Ball bearing wheel
© Howard Birnstihl
Early model sewing machine
© Howard Birnstihl
Telegraph Machine
© Howard Birnstihl
Old cash register
© Howard Birnstihl
© Howard Birnstihl
Hand holding transformer
© Howard Birnstihl
Wine glasses on glow
© Howard Birnstihl
Chest of medals
© Howard Birnstihl
Cakes in shop window
© Howard Birnstihl
© Howard Birnstihl
LED diode
© Howard Birnstihl
Coat of Arms
© Howard Birnstihl
Wine Grapes
© Howard Birnstihl
Rocker switch
© Howard Birnstihl
Silicon chip
© Howard Birnstihl
Platter of vegetarian food
© Howard Birnstihl
Christmas candles
© Howard Birnstihl
Old coins
© Howard Birnstihl
remote control
© Howard Birnstihl
Old and new cutting implements
© Howard Birnstihl
Circuit board
© Howard Birnstihl
Large portable sun dial
© Howard Birnstihl
Diamond python
© Howard Birnstihl
Receiver disc
© Howard Birnstihl
Climbing boots
© Howard Birnstihl
© Howard Birnstihl
Buttons and ...
© Howard Birnstihl
glass perfume bottle
© Howard Birnstihl
Elixa in magic bottle
© Howard Birnstihl
Emeral ring
© Howard Birnstihl
Various bottles
© Howard Birnstihl
Carpenters hand tools
© Howard Birnstihl
Vitamin supplements
© Howard Birnstihl
Vitamin supplements
© Howard Birnstihl
© Howard Birnstihl
Wall with broken glass top
© Howard Birnstihl
Baby's feet
© Howard Birnstihl
Water pattern
© Howard Birnstihl
Keys spewing from bottle
© Howard Birnstihl
Various views of keys
© Howard Birnstihl
Derelict house window
© Howard Birnstihl
Man with surrounding aura
© Howard Birnstihl
Golf tee still life
© Howard Birnstihl
Classic golf image
© Howard Birnstihl
Bamboo mid shot
© Howard Birnstihl
Bamboo close up
© Howard Birnstihl
Flautist group
© Howard Birnstihl
© Howard Birnstihl
© Howard Birnstihl
Boy peering through magnifying
© Howard Birnstihl
Metal spring
© Howard Birnstihl
Hand holding empty page
© Howard Birnstihl
Hand holding champagne glass
© Howard Birnstihl
Neon portrait
© Howard Birnstihl
Road sign with bullet holes
© Howard Birnstihl
Dummies just lounging around
© Howard Birnstihl
© Howard Birnstihl
Tattered poster
© Howard Birnstihl
Abstract glass
© Howard Birnstihl
Ivy tower
© Howard Birnstihl
Union Jack
© Howard Birnstihl
© Howard Birnstihl
Messmate sap dribble
© Howard Birnstihl
Dragon bracelet
© Howard Birnstihl
Bright orange flower
© Howard Birnstihl
Female hands with gun
© Howard Birnstihl
© Howard Birnstihl
Communication cllage
© Howard Birnstihl
Water droplet in close-up
© Howard Birnstihl
Poker hand
© Howard Birnstihl
Callistamon seedbox
© Howard Birnstihl
Map of Australia
© Howard Birnstihl
Underweater plant with bubbles
© Howard Birnstihl
Jagged inhospitable rocks
© Howard Birnstihl
Rocky ribcage
© Howard Birnstihl
Hanging droplet
© Howard Birnstihl
Mainzer beer poster
© Howard Birnstihl
Old wartime orange juice poster
© Howard Birnstihl
Pears Christmas card
© Howard Birnstihl
Carlton Beer poster
© Howard Birnstihl
Raw timber
© Howard Birnstihl
© Howard Birnstihl
Colourful capsicums
© Howard Birnstihl
© Howard Birnstihl
Feather at peace
© Howard Birnstihl
Drink can tops
© Howard Birnstihl
Champagne toast
© Howard Birnstihl
Australian advertising collage
© Howard Birnstihl
Slice of pumpkin
© Howard Birnstihl
Onions en masse
© Howard Birnstihl
Dramatic sunset
© Howard Birnstihl
Purple grapes en masse
© Howard Birnstihl
Dramatic plea
© Howard Birnstihl
Skipping girl neon sign
© Howard Birnstihl
House frames on new estate
© Howard Birnstihl
House frame
© Howard Birnstihl
Yellow capsicum slice
© Howard Birnstihl
Red chillie slice
© Howard Birnstihl
Peter Carey portrait
© Howard Birnstihl
Yellow capsicums
© Howard Birnstihl
Red and yellow chillies
© Howard Birnstihl
Red and green chillie slices
© Howard Birnstihl
Red black chillie halves
© Howard Birnstihl
Red black chillie slices
© Howard Birnstihl
Huge control panel
© Howard Birnstihl
Painter's palette
© Howard Birnstihl
Market rubbish
© Howard Birnstihl
Preparing meals for the masses
© Howard Birnstihl
Women preparing cake display
© Howard Birnstihl
Mezuzah designed by Debbie
© Howard Birnstihl
Mezuzah designed by Debbie
© Howard Birnstihl
Green Apples
© Howard Birnstihl
Healthy fruit
© Howard Birnstihl
Science lab bottles
© Howard Birnstihl
Wine glasses aglow
© Howard Birnstihl
Wine glass still life
© Howard Birnstihl
Pins and paperclips
© Howard Birnstihl
Pencil pattern
© Howard Birnstihl
Curling gum leaf
© Howard Birnstihl
Meat market
© Howard Birnstihl
Photo Not
Salt lines on beach
© Howard Birnstihl
Salt line on sand
© Howard Birnstihl
Chopsticks holding single rice
© Howard Birnstihl
© Howard Birnstihl
Ayotollah window
© Howard Birnstihl
Icecream cone in hand
© Howard Birnstihl
Icecream cone
© Howard Birnstihl
Feather caught on twig
© Howard Birnstihl
Swirling bark pattern
© Howard Birnstihl
Spinach leaf close-up
© Howard Birnstihl
Sandworm markings on beach
© Howard Birnstihl
Sandworm markings in sand
© Howard Birnstihl
Maranta leaf in juicy close-up
© Howard Birnstihl
Sandworm trails vertical view
© Howard Birnstihl
More bush tucker
© Howard Birnstihl
Frost-covered blackberry leaf
© Howard Birnstihl
Girl relaxing on mountain of
© Howard Birnstihl
Mirror and glass balls en masse
© Howard Birnstihl

© Howard Birnstihl

© Howard Birnstihl

© Howard Birnstihl
Mirror balls in colourful
© Howard Birnstihl
Scent bottle glowing magenta
© Howard Birnstihl
Highly patterned scribble gum
© Howard Birnstihl
Peeling bark
© Howard Birnstihl
© Howard Birnstihl
Tidal patterns in damp sand
© Howard Birnstihl
Forest floor details
© Howard Birnstihl
City light abstract
© Howard Birnstihl
Ivied wall with window
© Howard Birnstihl
Golden sandal
© Howard Birnstihl
Bottle of yellow scent
© Howard Birnstihl
Scent bottle still life
© Howard Birnstihl
Speak up I'm deaf as a post
© Howard Birnstihl
Bush telegraph
© Howard Birnstihl
Patterns of the ebbing tide
© Howard Birnstihl
Wobbly image of city
© Howard Birnstihl
Face in the drain
© Howard Birnstihl
Farm junk sculpture
© Howard Birnstihl
Geranium shouting hi there!
© Howard Birnstihl
Wattle flower in extreme
© Howard Birnstihl
Rocky beachscape with children
© Howard Birnstihl
Pink heath flowers en masse
© Howard Birnstihl
Triton shell
© Howard Birnstihl
Dandelion seed head
© Howard Birnstihl
Cactus close-up
© Howard Birnstihl
Lake Mungo sand ripples
© Howard Birnstihl
Costumed dance chorus
© Howard Birnstihl
Dancing hands
© Howard Birnstihl
Soldier beetle swarm
© Howard Birnstihl
Slaters swarming
© Howard Birnstihl
Jewellery still life
© Howard Birnstihl
Champagne toast
© Howard Birnstihl
Fingers holding flower
© Howard Birnstihl
fingers resting on arm
© Howard Birnstihl
Old couple in hospital
© Howard Birnstihl
Close view of crossed legs
© Howard Birnstihl
Pumpkin seeds close view
© Howard Birnstihl
Worn rocks at the beach
© Howard Birnstihl
Abstract glass
© Howard Birnstihl
Sheep in dry country
© Howard Birnstihl
Macrame curtain
© Howard Birnstihl
Crystal slice
© Howard Birnstihl
Workers tools lying on a fence
© Howard Birnstihl
Candle burning out
© Howard Birnstihl
Seafood platter
© Howard Birnstihl
Beach rocks with gaudy lichen
© Howard Birnstihl
Still life of wine with nibbles
© Howard Birnstihl
Choice of direction D
© Howard Birnstihl
Choice of direction B
© Howard Birnstihl
Choice of direction
© Howard Birnstihl
Tattered posters in the
© Howard Birnstihl
© Howard Birnstihl
Symbolic image of a happy young
© Howard Birnstihl
Old Australian coins
© Howard Birnstihl
Australian coins
© Howard Birnstihl
Granny Smith apple
© Howard Birnstihl
Gas cylinders as a pattern
© Howard Birnstihl
Orange gemstones on black river
© Howard Birnstihl
Wing of emperor gum moth
© Howard Birnstihl
Tattered posters CCC
© Howard Birnstihl
Tattered posters BBB
© Howard Birnstihl
Photo Not
Red traffic light on wet city
© Howard Birnstihl
Scene through broken window
© Howard Birnstihl
Paper clip
© Howard Birnstihl
Mouldy lemon with capsicum
© Howard Birnstihl
Mouldy apple core
© Howard Birnstihl
Tide marks on beach detail
© Howard Birnstihl


Photo Captions for abstract

Image #1. Gemstones Bright red gemstones nestled among darker muted tones

Image #2. Still life with etched crystal glasses containing blue liquid on glowing background

Image #3. Jagged cross Broken factory window creating a jagged cross against the sky

Image #4. Power begets violence Blurred out dominating figure with broken spectacles sharply in focus in the foreground

Image #5. Micro chip Close view of finger pointing to micro chip on circuit board

Image #6. Crystal nude exoticly beautiful glass nude created by young Australian glass blower Philip Wong

Image #7. Old world Close up view of old coins and pocket watch

Image #8. Neck X-ray X-ray of human neck clearly showing vertibrae

Image #9. Washing on the line An abstract pattern of shadows of pegged clothing seen through the sheets on the hoist

Image #10. Brilliant green ivy Brilliantly backlit strand of ivy as it sparkles against a dark background

Image #11. Symbol of work Certainly a symbol of housework - rubber glove sculpture on the back of the kitchen door

Image #12. The gang's all here Close knit group of teenagers seen close up from above showing only their feet

Image #13. Autumn colour Close view of red grapevine leaves glowing against a purple background

Image #14. Rainbow Close detailed view of a rainbow against a purple sky

Image #15. Better days B Vertical image of an old worn out fence as a reminder of better days

Image #16. Light pattern on curtain. sunlight forming a cirric type pattern on the window curtain

Image #17. Leaf floating in sudsy water. Fabulous pattern of a sudsy stream as it swirls around a floating leaf

Image #18. Gateway to the world Sandy Outback location showing an open gate leading out to....who knows where?

Image #19. Country gate Country gate apparently out in the middle of nowhere

Image #20. Grapes Fruit stall at the market with the sun picking out the tops of the grapes

Image #21. A tale of three elephants Rear view of three elephants playing tra la la boomsiae

Image #22. Mirror balls Close view of a group of mirror balls reflecting coloured light

Image #23. Droplets on spider's web Close view of droplets on spider's web on black background

Image #24. Diamond python close view of diamond python curled up

Image #25. White road arrows Study in white

Image #26. Water reflections dramatic. strong contrasting writhing pattern of water reflections

Image #27. Textured weathered beach rocks. intricate ancient pattern in beachrocks

Image #28. Red paint in gutter. A splash of environmental colour

Image #29. Red and green peppers. Strong abstract composition of complementary colours green and red

Image #30. Tattered Poster. Brilliantly coloured layers of tattered posters

Image #31. Silhouette branch. writhing branches silhouetted against the sky

Image #32. neon signs Cafe neon signs.

Image #33. Brick steps with single leaf.jpg, stark view of brick steps interrupted only by a single dead leaf

Image #34. Cast iron with rainbow in background Cast iron verandah in bright sunshine as a rainbow glows in the gloom of a stormy sky

Image #35. Cactus backlit Backlit cactus stem glowing irridescently

Image #36. Wood pile environmental pattern made up of the ends of the logs in a wood pile

Image #37. Wine glass still life A range of various crystal glasses with different coloured beverages

Image #38. Olde world Close up view of old coins and pocket watch

Image #39. Space age portrait Couple lit by roving pencil lights creating eerie neon type lighting effect

Image #40. Leaving your mark Lone footprint deeply etched in the sand

Image #41. Gemstones close view of deliciously coloured gemstones looking good enough to eat

Image #42. Hand holding compass Close view of a compass being used

Image #43. Ball bearing wheel Advertising image of a high precision mechanical device which depends on ball bearings to function smoothly

Image #44. Early model sewing machine Early model electric sewing machine

Image #45. Telegraph Machine Telegraph machine

Image #46. Old cash register Very old cash register

Image #47. Sundial Sundial with its shadow showing the time of day

Image #48. Hand holding transformer Hand holding transformer showing the coil and wires

Image #49. Wine glasses on glow Advertising display image of wine glasses on mirror in dramatic lighting

Image #50. Chest of medals Close view of old serviceman's medals worn proudly on his chest

Image #51. Cakes in shop window Display of extremely yummy cakes in shop window

Image #52. Bonfire Roaring flames of a bonfire

Image #53. LED diode Red diode held in fingers

Image #54. Coat of Arms Victorian Coat of Arms on the gate to the Old Mint William Street mMlbourne

Image #55. Wine Grapes Purple grapes on the vine

Image #56. Rocker switch finger about to flick a reverse and forward rocker switch

Image #57. Silicon chip Tiny silicon chip on a fingertip

Image #58. Platter of vegetarian food Platter of vegetables and dip

Image #59. Christmas candles Candles burning in the dark

Image #60. Old coins Old coins spot lit against a dark background

Image #61. remote control Hand holding remote control device

Image #62. Old and new cutting implements Aboriginal hands holding an axe and an old stone cutting tool

Image #63. Circuit board Inside of an old computer showing all the various bits and pieces of circuitry

Image #64. Large portable sun dial Large portable sun dial in the city square in melbourne

Image #65. Diamond python Diamond python curled up in a ball of pattern

Image #66. Receiver disc huge radio receiving dish

Image #67. Climbing boots bright clean new climbing boots complete with crampons

Image #68. Silverware Solid silver cuttlery handles displayed on a red background

Image #69. Buttons and ... Still life with antique buttons taken on large format and ideal for jigsaw puzzle

Image #70. glass perfume bottle Made by Michael Hook this intricately blown glass bottle contains a pattern of bubbles and a bold aquamarine colouring

Image #71. Elixa in magic bottle Magic potion glowing with goodness

Image #72. Emeral ring Emerald ring designed by Stephens & Miller

Image #73. Various bottles Different shaped bottles presented as a display with backlighting and reflections

Image #74. Carpenters hand tools Pile of carpentry tools lying on the benchtop

Image #75. Vitamin supplements Display image od vitamin supplements in both liquid and capsule form

Image #76. Vitamin supplements Display image od vitamin supplements in both liquid and capsule form

Image #77. Tassle Symbol of elegant or perhaps flamboyant wealth

Image #78. Wall with broken glass top jagged glass embedded in the top of a wall as an extra impediment to intruders

Image #79. Baby's feet close sculptural view of baby's feet

Image #80. Water pattern Water patterns in the swimming pool

Image #81. Keys spewing from bottle Display shot of keys en masse spewing from a bottle

Image #82. Various views of keys Keys in display shots and a candid shot of keys hanging on the wall

Image #83. Derelict house window A haunting image of days gone by

Image #84. Man with surrounding aura Man standing wirh his bare torso, head arms and legs showing a surrounding light aura

Image #85. Golf tee still life Display image of golf tees on a black background

Image #86. Classic golf image Display shot of golf ball on tee in the grass surrounded by exotic glow

Image #87. Bamboo mid shot Bamboo stems in a tight group

Image #88. Bamboo close up Close view of cane

Image #89. Flautist group Group of flute players seen in close-up

Image #90. Clainettist Very close view of a clarinet player

Image #91. Stopwatch Close view of a stop watch on the table

Image #92. Boy peering through magnifying glass Close up of boy looking through magnifying glass at the camera

Image #93. Metal spring Metal spring standing out starkly against a black background

Image #94. Hand holding empty page hand holding a book with a virgin page

Image #95. Hand holding champagne glass Woman's hand holding a champagne glass of orange juice

Image #96. Neon portrait Couple lit by mobile light to give an eerie neon outline

Image #97. Road sign with bullet holes Typically aerated road sign as seen along any country highway

Image #98. Dummies just lounging around Clothing manequins lying around in an alley

Image #99. Sap Dried sap which has oozed from a wattle trunk and hardened into a translucent beauty

Image #100. Tattered poster Tattered billboard showing a cross section of popular entertainment from the past

Image #101. Abstract glass sculptural work in glass

Image #102. Ivy tower Lone window peers out from its ivy covered wall

Image #103. Union Jack Union Jack bristles in the breeze

Image #104. GEMSTONES IN CREEKBED Bright orange pebbles stand out beaconlike amongst their black counterparts

Image #105. Messmate sap dribble Brilliant spotlit sap dribble hardened into a permanent bush sclpture

Image #106. Dragon bracelet Dragon bracelet in silver on dramatic reflective surface

Image #107. Bright orange flower Centre of a bright orange flower

Image #108. Female hands with gun Painted nails, a business suit and a smoking gun

Image #109. Granite Close view of granite roughcut

Image #110. Communication cllage Collage of various aspects of communication

Image #111. Water droplet in close-up Close view of a dangling water droplet showing the reversed image of a suburban backyard

Image #112. Poker hand close view of playing cards in the form of a poker hand

Image #113. Callistamon seedbox Beautful sculpture in the form of a seedbox with a light coating of lichen to indicate its age

Image #114. Map of Australia Map of Australia made up of the flags of some of the nations which own or influence us

Image #115. Underweater plant with bubbles Bubbles clinging to the stem of an underwater plant

Image #116. Jagged inhospitable rocks Coastal rocks thrusting their jagged edges toward the sky

Image #117. Rocky ribcage Windworn rocks with yellow lichen

Image #118. Hanging droplet Droplet suspended on the end of a branch

Image #119. Mainzer beer poster Smiling barmaid delivers on an Mainzer beer poster

Image #120. Old wartime orange juice poster Old war time advertising poster

Image #121. Pears Christmas card Pear's soap christmas card of boy playing cricket

Image #122. Carlton Beer poster Century old beer poster

Image #123. Raw timber Pile of pine logs freshly cut in the local plantation

Image #124. Cellist Close view of a cellist's bow working the strings

Image #125. Colourful capsicums Colourful capsicums seen in delicious close-up

Image #126. Broccoli Fresh broccoli ready to place in the pot

Image #127. Feather at peace Single feather lies quietly in the glow of the spotlight

Image #128. Drink can tops Close view of mass produced drink can tops

Image #129. Champagne toast Close view of hands holding champagne glasses in a toast

Image #130. Australian advertising collage Tattered posters showing a little of the history of advertising in Australia

Image #131. Slice of pumpkin Sculptural image of a slice of pumkin boldly sunlit at the outdoor market

Image #132. Onions en masse Stack of brown onions glow in the sun at the outdoor market

Image #133. Dramatic sunset Hot sky showing the red orange clouds of a summer sunset

Image #134. Purple grapes en masse Purple grapes stacked to to be sold at the market

Image #135. Dramatic plea Character on stage pleads his case in a dramatic scene

Image #136. Skipping girl neon sign Famous Melbourne icon, the skipping girl shone over Melbourne for many years

Image #137. House frames on new estate House frames about to receive their cladding on the new estate

Image #138. House frame Bristling new house frame itching to get into its new coat

Image #139. Yellow capsicum slice Crisp, sharp, bright slice of yellow capsicum

Image #140. Red chillie slice Brilliant red with black seeds a slice of red chillie gleams against its white background

Image #141. Peter Carey portrait Highly colourized and solarized version of my portrait of Peter Carey

Image #142. Yellow capsicums Good enough to eat you might say of this sumptuous display of luscious yellow capsicums

Image #143. Red and yellow chillies Red chillies and yellow capsicums make a fabulous display on a light box

Image #144. Red and green chillie slices Red and green chillie slices on a light box

Image #145. Red black chillie halves Red black chillie halves on a light box

Image #146. Red black chillie slices Slices of red black chillies on a light box

Image #147. Huge control panel Huge control panel typical of many large industrial sites today

Image #148. Painter's palette Artist's palette a mass of gaudy colour and texture

Image #149. Market rubbish Beauty in the pattern red stalks of beetroot amid the crumpled leaves

Image #150. Preparing meals for the masses Inside a large kitchen a chef lays out dozens of plates of food

Image #151. Women preparing cake display Extensive range of cakes being displayed for retail

Image #152. Mezuzah designed by Debbie Sheezel B mezuzah which contains a scroll and is typically placed on jewish householder's doorways and is touched as people enter the house

Image #153. Mezuzah designed by Debbie Sheezel Jewish mezuzah which contains a scroll and is typically placed on jewish householder's doorways

Image #154. Green Apples Granny Smith apples glisten in the morning market sun

Image #155. Healthy fruit Old woman sits with a bowl of fruit in the foreground

Image #156. Science lab bottles Shelves of mysterious looking bottles line the shelves of a science lab

Image #157. Wine glasses aglow Wine glasses set against a glowing background ideal for use as a jigsaw puzzle

Image #158. Wine glass still life Wine glass pattern set on a glowing blue background ideal for a jigsaw puzzle

Image #159. Pins and paperclips Colourful pattern of pins and clips ideal for use as a jigsaw puzzle

Image #160. Pencil pattern Colourful pattern of pencils ideal for use as jigsaw puzzle

Image #161. Curling gum leaf Swirling gum leaf caught in a shaft of sunlight

Image #162. Meat market Carcasses hang in the meat market ready for sale

Image #164. Salt lines on beach Salt left by evaporation on beach

Image #165. Salt line on sand Salt left by evaporation of water along the edge of a salt lake

Image #166. Chopsticks holding single rice grain Hand holding chopsticks and picking out a single grain of rice

Image #167. Tattoos Close view of a man's arm heavily tattooed

Image #168. Ayotollah window Textured glass with an image reminding one of an ayotollah

Image #169. Icecream cone in hand Icecream cone in hand against a colourful background

Image #170. Icecream cone Close up of hand holding icecream cone

Image #171. Feather caught on twig Delicate image of a small feather caught on twig

Image #172. Swirling bark pattern Swirling pattern on eucalypt trunk

Image #173. Spinach leaf close-up Bright red veins stand out clearly on a backlit spinach leaf

Image #174. Sandworm markings on beach extrusions from a sandworm which has travelled quite some distance beneath the sand in search of food

Image #175. Sandworm markings in sand Obviously an asian sandworm from his signature left on the beach

Image #176. Maranta leaf in juicy close-up Marantaceae leaf in close-up showing the highly decorative veins

Image #177. Sandworm trails vertical view Sandworm trails left behind on the sand

Image #178. More bush tucker Wild nuts and bush passionfruit held in the hands of an aboriginal child

Image #179. Frost-covered blackberry leaf Red blackberry leaf edged decoratively by the frosty morning's icicles

Image #180. Girl relaxing on mountain of transparencies Girl lazily examines one of the millions of slides she is lying on

Image #181. Mirror and glass balls en masse Mirror and glass ball display reflecting light and glitter

Image #182. Mirror ball display reflecting light in the textured mirror below

Image #183. Mirror ball display reflecting light and colour

Image #184. Mirror ball display reflecting light and colour

Image #185. Mirror balls in colourful display Mirror ball display reflecting light and colour

Image #186. Scent bottle glowing magenta Still life of a bottle of magenta fluid glowing and reflecting in the textured glass below

Image #187. Highly patterned scribble gum Red and grey with the intricate scribble patterns of the insects which inhabit it's bark the scribble gum is a highly attractive tree

Image #188. Peeling bark Peeling bark of a fledgeling spotted gum

Image #189. Waratah Brilliant red centre of a waratah flower

Image #190. Tidal patterns in damp sand damp sand glistens accentuating the patterns left by the falling tide

Image #191. Forest floor details small bright red berry lies gem-like on the mulch of the forest floor

Image #192. City light abstract Flinders St Station and traffic at night with the camera zooming in to create a light extrviganzer

Image #193. Ivied wall with window Old classical building covered with ivy with a single open window

Image #194. Golden sandal Still life of a stylish golden sandal with pearls reflected in black shiny surface

Image #195. Bottle of yellow scent Bottle of yellow scent shot as a still life on textured glass with reflection and glowing backlight

Image #196. Scent bottle still life still life of a scent bottle reflecting in textured glass on a glowing background

Image #197. Speak up I'm deaf as a post Quirky image of an electric power pole looking like Mrs McKillacuddy chatting on the phone

Image #198. Bush telegraph Rocks stacked on roadside post as a sign to the initiated of some event or situation, yhe irony being that the post itself is a sign

Image #199. Patterns of the ebbing tide Patterns made by the ebb and flow of the waves lapping the shore

Image #200. Wobbly image of city City seen through the glass of an old window distorting the image into a wobbly pattern

Image #201. Face in the drain Cobwebs and ooze form together to look like a forlorn face

Image #202. Farm junk sculpture Unintentional sculpture produced by farmer stacking his bits and pieces in the old shed

Image #203. Geranium shouting hi there! Geranium plant appearing to be shouting excitedly at us from a hole in the fence

Image #204. Wattle flower in extreme close-up Wattle ball fills the composition in a spectacular golden orb

Image #205. Rocky beachscape with children Masses of rocks make up the beach scene with kids wandering off in the backgound

Image #206. Pink heath flowers en masse Close view of pink heath flowers on a black background

Image #207. Triton shell Hand holding a triton shell

Image #208. Dandelion seed head Close view of a dandelion seedhead ripe for o'clocking

Image #209. Cactus close-up Close view of cactus showing the phi rhythm of development

Image #210. Lake Mungo sand ripples A lone branch protrudes defiantly from the rippling sand at Lake Mungo

Image #211. Costumed dance chorus Composition of faces and waving arms of the swaying chorus

Image #212. Dancing hands Hands gently and sensitively move to the music

Image #213. Soldier beetle swarm Huge mass of green soldier beetles swarming on tree trunk

Image #214. Slaters swarming Common slaters swarming on rotten log

Image #215. Jewellery still life Orange pendant displayed on yellow capsicum

Image #216. Champagne toast Close view of hands holding champagne glasses in a toast

Image #217. Fingers holding flower Close view of fingers holding tiny flower

Image #218. fingers resting on arm close view of fingers resting on her arm

Image #219. Old couple in hospital close up of old hands as an old couple cope with a stay in hospital

Image #220. Close view of crossed legs close up abstract image of crossed legs in stockings

Image #221. Pumpkin seeds close view Close up view of the seeds of a sliced butternut pumpkin

Image #222. Worn rocks at the beach weathered rocks covered with orange lichen creating a fabulous abstract sculptural form

Image #223. Abstract glass abstract sculptural image of blown glass on textured glass backgound

Image #224. Sheep in dry country Vertical image of sheep on hillside during a drought

Image #225. Macrame curtain Monochrome image of a knotted macrame doorway curtain

Image #226. Crystal slice Colours, shapes. patterns and textures of a slice through a piece of crystalized rock

Image #227. Workers tools lying on a fence post Fencers tools seen in close-up with the worker and his ute blurred out in the background

Image #228. Candle burning out Candle in silver candlestick almost burnt out, leaving a gnarled sculpture of wax

Image #229. Seafood platter Sumptuous seafood platter with champagne on restaurant table

Image #230. Beach rocks with gaudy lichen Bright orange coating of lichen on sea rocks with a dramatic central cross theme

Image #231. Still life of wine with nibbles Sophisticated snack consisting of liqueur with biscuits and cheese in a nice warm glow

Image #232. Choice of direction D High angle view of man seated on giant rubix cube surrounded by arrows giving him a choice of directions in his life

Image #233. Choice of direction B Pattern of white arrows on road indicating a choice of direction for the motorist

Image #234. Choice of direction high angle view of car speeding along highway with white arrows showing a choice of three different directions

Image #235. Tattered posters in the afternoon Tattered billboard posters showing a history of past concert events

Image #236. Woodpile Colourful image of the ends of logs in a wood pile

Image #237. Symbolic image of a happy young couple Symbolic image of happy young couple seen in silhouette, running along beach and having a romantic evening together

Image #238. Old Australian coins Close view of various old Australian coins including sovereigns

Image #239. Australian coins Close view of Australian decimal coins

Image #240. Granny Smith apple close up view of crisp green granny smith apple with water droplets on clean white background

Image #241. Gas cylinders as a pattern stack of gas cylinders painted bright red and blue

Image #242. Orange gemstones on black river pebbles Triptych of brilliantly coloured gemstones on a background of black river pebbles

Image #243. Wing of emperor gum moth Extreme close view of the eye pattern on the furry wing on an emperor gum moth

Image #244. Tattered posters CCC Tattered posters showing a history of graphic signage

Image #245. Tattered posters BBB Tattered posters showing a history of graphic signage

Image #247. Red traffic light on wet city lane Night view of the dramatic lighting effect of a red traffic light reflecting in the cobblestones of a wet city laneway

Image #248. Scene through broken window View out through a heavily vandalized window

Image #249. Paper clip Red paper clip on background glow

Image #250. Mouldy lemon with capsicum Mouldy old lemon with a red capsicum lying on the wet pavement at the Victoria Market

Image #251. Mouldy apple core Mouldy old apple core shrivelling and growing a hairy coat as time passes

Image #252. Tide marks on beach detail Close up view of pattern of tidal marks on the sand


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