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Animals - at the Zoo.

Stock Photography By Paul Ross

View animals from all over the world, at the Adelaide Zoo. All species are either threatened or endangered, due mostly to habitat loss in their country of origin. These images show them at play, feeding, on the lookout, or just having a relaxing preen.

The Mandrill - Mandrillus
© Paul Ross
White-cheeked Gibbon -
© Paul Ross
The Mandrill - Mandrillus
© Paul Ross
Dusky leaf Monkey.
© Paul Ross
White-cheeked Gibbon..
© Paul Ross
The Meerkat.
© Paul Ross
Meerkat - suricate Suricata
© Paul Ross
Baby Koala - Phascolarctos
© Paul Ross
Blue and Yellow Macaw - Ara
© Paul Ross
The Flamingo - Phoenicopterus
© Paul Ross
Ring-tailed Lemur.
© Paul Ross
Matschie's Tree kangaroo.
© Paul Ross


Photo Captions for Animals - at the Zoo.

Image #1. The Mandrill - Mandrillus sphinx A portrait of one of the largest monkeys, the Mandrill.

Image #2. White-cheeked Gibbon - endangered. A portrait of Hylobates leucogenys - female, White-cheeked Gibbon.

Image #3. The Mandrill - Mandrillus sphinx The Mandrill is the world's largest species of monkey.

Image #4. Dusky leaf Monkey. Semnopithecus obscurus - ( south east asia) - threatened species. These monkeys live in small family groups spread over a wide range of habitats but prefer tall forests.

Image #5. White-cheeked Gibbon.. Hylobates leucogenys - male. The endangered Gibbon, inhabits tropical broad-leaf forests.

Image #6. The Meerkat. The meerkat or suricate Suricata suricatta is a small mammal and a member of the mongoose family.

Image #7. Meerkat - suricate Suricata suricatta A Meerkat portrait.

Image #8. Baby Koala - Phascolarctos cinereus Arboreal. Animals from the north have short pale grey fur and animals from the south have longer grey-brown fur.

Image #9. Blue and Yellow Macaw - Ara ararauna A flight over a crowd at the Adelaide Zoo.

Image #10. The Flamingo - Phoenicopterus chilensis. A Flamingo portrait.

Image #11. Ring-tailed Lemur. Lemur catta - are a near threatened species due to habitat destruction.

Image #12. Matschie's Tree kangaroo. Dendrolagus matschiei - found only in dense tropical rainforest & deciduous forest, mountains of Huon peninsula of New Guinea, sea level to nearly 10,000 feet - nowhere else in New Guinea


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