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Botanical Close-ups

Many people photograph flowers in close-up, which is no doubt because the colours and structures can be so awe inspiring.

I strive to capturing the most exquisite details, at high quality and with impeccable composition. If you require flower images for your project then I am confident that my work will not disappoint you.

I can also shoot to order in the studio, provided the plants are available to purchase in the UK. Please contact me if you have specific requirements.

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Hey, it is a cliché, but this really was my kinda town! I spent a fascinating week in the Windy City and was inspired by the photographic opportunities it offers. I very much hope to return for more in the future.

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Pentre Ifan Neolithic Burial Site

The Pentre Ifan Neolithic Burial Chamber is near Cardigan in West Wales, UK. Boasting some spectacular views over the north Pembrokeshire countryside this awe-inspiring chambered tomb of the so-called 'portal dolmen' type, stands in a commanding position north east of Carningli Mountain.

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Shimenji Fungi

Shimenji mushrooms are a wonderful subject for photography. They have intriguing and complex forms, which lend themselves to dramatic lighting and composition. The closeup images in this lightbox reveal details that are not obvious to the naked eye and show that nature’s forms can be truly fantastic.

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Winter in the UK

2010 was one of the worst Winters for over 20 years in the UK. It made for treacherous travel conditions, but did offer some very beautiful photo opportunities.

The snow has gone now and I still have the images, so photography was the winner I suppose!

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