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Auckland, New Zealand

New Zealand's largest city, Auckland, is home to more than one million people and a multi-cultural home to Europeans, Maori, Asians and other immigrants

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Coal Mining

King coal may be a dying industry but it's going to take a long time for technology to replace its role in steel making and for the cheap generation of electricity. In the meantime it still retains its place as one of our most important fossil fuels.

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Without the trademen who make it happen we'd have nowhere to live and getting there would be pretty tough too. Most of the media in the Lakeview Images collection are Model and Property released for your peace of mind. We photograph real people doing real things - there's nothing done here just for the camera.

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New Zealand Landscapes

New Zealand is renowned for the diversity of its land formations, from sweeping plains to snowy Alpine scenery to the magnificent fjords of the South Island. Take the tour and find the images you need for your project.

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