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Doris Miocinovic News :: Above one-third of the atmosphere

Posted: 10/3/2009 11:04:37 AM   Page Views 1635   Comments 0

Haleakalā volcano or "house of the sun" on East Maui is or 3055 m (10,023 ft) high.  From the summit one can see a massive depression some 11.25 km (7 mi) across, 3.2 km (2 mi) wide, and nearly 800 m (2,600 ft) deep. The surrounding walls are steep and the interior mostly barren-looking with a scattering of volcanic cones.

Haleakalā is one of two places on Earth where one can find a rare, protected plant silversword (the other place is the Big Island, or Hawaii).  Haleakalā is the only place on Earth where one can find the Haleakalā silversword (Argyroxiphium sandwicense macrocephalum), also known as ʻāhinahina in Hawaiian language . The silverswords are primarily found above 1,500 metres (4,900 ft) elevation in alpine deserts or bogs, indicating an adaptation to low-nutrient soils.  Silversword plants in general grow on volcanic cinder, a dry, rocky substrate that is subject to freezing temperatures and high winds. Haleakalā silversword has numerous sword-like succulent leaves covered with silver hairs. The skin and hairs are strong enough to resist the wind and freezing temperature of this altitude and protect the plant from dehydration and the sun.

If you are looking for a high-resolution unusual and rare landscape or plant image for your magazine, book, calendar, interior design piece, or a motivational publication, photos of Haleakala volcano and Silversword plant may be a good match.  Travel magazines, websites or guides featuring high elevation outdoor activities, unusual destinations, National Parks, or special interests may benefit by utilizing these images.  In addition, environmental groups, magazines, or organizations interested in flora can find the Silversword plant interesting to research and write about.

I invite you to explore the HaleakalÄ



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