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Paul Sampson News :: Exotic Japanese Shimenji Mushrooms

Posted: 4/7/2010 7:45:27 AM   Page Views 1064   Comments 0

Shimenji mushrooms are a wonderful subject for photography. They have intriguing and complex forms, which lend themselves to dramatic lighting and composition. The closeup images in this lightbox reveal details that are not obvious to the naked eye and show that nature’s forms can be truly fantastic.

The images were captured in my studio, using a specialist close-up lens to reveal the finest details and textures. A large light source provided soft and ‘rounded’ lighting that shows the three dimensional qualities of the structures.

Of course, these delicious and flavoursome mushrooms normally find themselves in a kitchen, not a photographic studio. Here is a simple, but
yummy recipe for Shimenji Mushrooms on toast, which allows the flavours to come to the fore without over-complicating with additional ingredients.


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