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Soumava Das: Commercial Photographer

Photographer Profile

Photographer Work Description
I love to create images that tell a story. The story is sometimes told through a standalone image and sometimes through a series of images instead of one.

In terms of colors, I use varying palettes. But each photo from the same shoot / time of the day / location usually is consistent with the palette I decided to use. This helps tell the story.

Qualifications & Experience
I started learning photography from my father when I was a kid and used to shoot in film like everyone else back in the day. I continued to take photos purely for the love of it and transitioned over to the digital format eventually.

Other Interests:
Every aspect of photography interests me. Right from portraits, landscapes, street, still life to macro, astro, abstract, long exposures, product, architecture, fashion, wild life, composites etc.

Contact Details
Kolkata  West Bengal  

Email Soumava
Mobile: +91 98303 77202