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is a freelance photographer listed with the Global Eye Images Stock Agency.

I am the owner and operator of my own photography studio. I specialize in special events; weddings, quinceneras, family reunions, birthday parties and portraits. In my down time my passion is connecting with landscapes and nature. Finding and capturing a scene that tells a story brings me joy. Sharing a moment captured in time, which unites the past and present.

I am a Professional Photographer with over ten years of experience. I am the owner and operator of Amore Enid Photography, located in the State of RI. I am a member of the PPA, and have been awarded over 200 awards for a variety of photographs. I've had the honor of being published in Cultered Creations, "first Crawl"and Photography Vibes, "fallen."

Princess is based in Pawtucket Rhode Island, UNITED STATES and lists the following interests: Photography, Nature and the Arts.

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