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is a freelance photographer listed with the Global Eye Images Stock Agency.

I am fortunate to have many opportunities to photograph a range of industries, so the Lakeview portfolio specialises in imagery of real people doing real jobs. My background in newspapers gave me a love of the decisive moment, so I prefer to capture the candid look and action of a person absorbed in his job, rather than somebody holding the spanner at just the right angle. It's more challenging to pull everything together - the light, composition and action - to tell the story.

Trained in the visual arts from an early age, I took to photography in my teens, learning the trade as a journalist/photographer on provincial newspapers in Queensland. After completing an Arts Degree in Journalism and Media, I started a freelance photo-journalism business which gave me access to a wide range of photography options. I moved to New Zealand in the mid 1980s and have been supplying digital stock libraries for about 10 years.

Peter is based in Greymouth West Coast, NEW ZEALAND and lists the following interests: Outside of photography, I have an eclectic range of interests that includes reading, local history, horticulture, gardening and hiking.

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