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is a freelance photographer listed with the Global Eye Images Stock Agency.

I travel and I shoot. I enjoy photographing iconic buildings and architectural details, but, to me, learning a new destination means wandering the hidden side streets and seeking out the hidden gems that can be found everywhere. I will be based in Moscow, Russia for the next several years, but I travel throughout Europe searching for unique perspectives on city life, nighttime cityscapes, and panorama views from above whenever possible.

I am a "self taught" photographer who is always trying to learn more. I will always be working on developing my skills and ability. I have participated in several group gallery shows, in Europe, and held 3 solo photography exhibits shows in France and Ukraine. I am am also a member in good standing with the International Travel Writers and Photographers Association.

Steven is based in Dulles VA, RUSSIAN FEDERATION and lists the following interests: I know that this is where "outside" interest should be listed and talked about but I only have 2 real interests, besides my fiance,of course; travel and photography. Hence the third - travel photography. I know that comes across as one dimensional but I prefer to think of it as extremely focused. My philosophy tends toward - It's not what you look at, it's what you see -

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