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is a freelance photographer listed with the Global Eye Images Stock Agency.

My subjects are mainly landscapes and cityscapes, sometimes architecture and macro...sometimes animals. I try to reproduce in my pictures the emotions I have in the moment of shooting, when my imagination creates stories looking at the beauty of nature. Because of that I prefer shooting in nature, or big cities during golden and blue hours, when the atmosfere is more "dreamy". I prefer colored photography rather than black&white, even though i have also experimented B&W in some architecture pictures, and found it interesting.

I taught myself the main concepts of framing and rules about composition. I applied for basic photography courses with the purpose of having a better understanding of all photo styles, categories (i.e. Digital Photography Course by Accademia Domani - Rome). I applied also for a post-processing basic course (i.e. Camera Raw Extreme by Giovanna Griffo - Rome) and a specific course focused on landscape and cityscape photography (e.d. Camera Raw Extreme Landscape & Cityscape by Giovanna Griffo - Rome). I also take part on regular basis to specific photography workshops. For instance, the two photography workshops dedicated to landscape photography, located in Plitvice National Park in Croatia and in Iceland.

Ilaria Elena is based in Fürstenfeldbruck , GERMANY and lists the following interests: I am specialized in landscape and fine art photography.

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