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is a freelance photographer listed with the Global Eye Images Stock Agency.

My photographic preferences presently are the beautiful landscapes that exist along the East Coast of Australia . And the wildlife both animal and vegetative that inspire me in their shapes and colours . Love to create ethereal images of landscapes and vistas. Presently entering the field of event photography

My early photographic experiences rooted in the days of black and white film and home slide processing overlapping the digital transition, with Luddite scepticism. With the total obsessiveness taking over in the last number of years. Have completed numerous Fine Arts certificates, and short studies in aspects of photography. Avid follower of Steve Parrish, and Rob Gray

Victor is based in Tucabia NSW, AUSTRALIA and lists the following interests: Sitting under the southern cross at night enjoying the sparks from campfires shooting up to touch the stars. Enjoying pristine environments, Love the bush, camping and roughing.

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